vSphere 6.0 has been released for a while now. VMware are currently running a webcast series on a number of topics including: Changes to vCenter Changes to the Web Client […]

Have had this discussion with numerous Operations people recently and there is this misconception that to Remote Desktop (RDP \ MSTSC) to Windows servers is easier and quicker to manage […]

The Benefits of No-Tech Notetaking Bed Med and the Cheesecake Factory Benefits of standardisation and improved efficiency. Why Productive People Take Better Notes

Some useful values from PowerCLI Get-View of VMware Virtual Infrastructure for use in scripts. I have also included some example data and notes. I have found that when writing scripts […]

Let me challenge your thinking… There is much talk about these days relating to breaking down silos. Creating Cloud or As A service teams with specialists from hardware, compute, storage […]

Establishing Order Over Tall Orders Free Upgrade to Windows 10 5,200 days in Space Check your VM Snapshots in Minutes Startup Stash – Curated Resource for building your own Startup […]